Saturday, January 23, 2010


Lately, God's been teaching me to listen. I think I can be pretty good at listening since I have taught listening skill classes. I get - that listening is invaluable and necessary in relationships - especially marriage. When I stop and listen to the heart of my husband, I win his closer toward mine.

But, the kind of listening I'm talking about is even more intimate. It's premise is one on listening to the degree that I don't move or act until He speaks directly to my heart about what it is He wants me to do or say.

Luke writes a story about these two sisters, Mary and Martha. Jesus was coming to their town and their home and like any home maker they were in a scurry to clean and prepare. Most of us know the story - Martha was busy - kind of going over board with the kitchen preps and Mary was distracted. What was she distracted with? I picture the scene one where the men were in the other room and Jesus was teaching. Interesting enough, it was during that particular season and celebration that He would have been teaching from the book of Ecclesiastes. Perhaps it was something like . . .to everything there is a season . . .

Anyway, Mary was distracted by what she heard Jesus teaching. To be distracted like this she had to be listening and as she listened she was drawn away to his heart. Jesus praised her for choosing that good part - listening to the Word He was speaking to her heart.

That's the kind of listening I'm talking about. I'm listening close to hear Jesus' words to my heart and I'm exercising my will to obey - even when others might judge or criticize. What others think doesn't really matter - I'm more concerned what Jesus thinks.

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Joyful said...

This listening on a deeper level and waiting for "go" from God is something I have been trying to cultivate. Still working on it:-)