Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Home Depot Guy - Chicken Coop - Day 3

I'm starting to feel like a commercial for Home Depot or something.

If you remember, the Home Depot Guy (aka David) has been a regular at the Cactus Road Farm lately. He's helping - or rather my darling husband is helping him build the most amazing chicken coop. We're talking amazing.

I have decided to call these sorts of things - my husband's projects - my therapy projects. You see, I sorta like to (a-hem) control - help him.

Just yesterday, he asked me to help him. Note he asked. But what he asked is that I'd do exactly as he needed AND that I wouldn't say a word, not ask a question, just look cute and stare up at him with great admiration.

I know why Michael said that. It's because, I like most wives, will tend to ask a few questions mind you only because sometimes I'm thinking there might be a better way or a different way to do something).

So you're probably wondering how all this is my therapy right? Every time my husband does a project, I get learn and watch just how he WILL get it done - not my timing or the way that I think - but in his. The more I show support, cease with questions and just be an encourager, the faster those projects get done.

With this particular project - of the coop - I worked really hard at self control and keeping most of my comments to myself. I could see that it truly was what Michael needed most. And I'm wondering if God didn't work one of those works - by bring David into Michael's life - for him and for me - as a gift? Hmmm....

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Donna said...

You are gonna love those fresh eggs!!! I cannot wait to see the finished project~