Thursday, September 03, 2009

Garden-Shed Crate Cabinets

Martha shared this great idea using vintage wine crates as cabinetry in a garden shed. Love it. I'm on a hunt for some. Got any?

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Mary said...

Hello Lylah, not sure I officially did this yet, but thank you for the link back to my blog.

I love blogs. I read them while relaxing, similar to reading an old book. I read on my mobile phone, far away from the PC, the office, and work. Anyhow, I am unable to leave comments from my phone on certain blogs, one of those is yours. Glad to be here today and actually leave a note!

I love what you are doing here! I am linking back to you in a blog post on Friday.

I have old storage dresser drawers that are going to be used as display shelves. We were invited to scrounge through a 100 year old barn that had been dismantled. I found an old tool dresser, half buried in the ground, falling apart. I instantly saw good use for the intact compartmented drawers! Once cleaned, in my home, on display, I will post to the blog and forward the link to you.

Take care...and God Bless! Mary

Lylah Ledner said...

Well Mary, you not only blessed my socks of with your sweet comment BUT made me "green" with your fun finds and i can't WAIT to see what you've done....headed to peruse your spot in the world right now!

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Garden-Shed Crate Cabinets

What a great storage idea