Sunday, July 26, 2009

While Ordering Coffee

I get to spend a week or so in the beautiful Rose City of Portland, OR. Years ago, Michael and I lived in this amazing city and it's always a delight to return to this place of "unique culture."

After Jenni, the kids and I grabbed - no inhaled - devoured a Voo Doo donut - it seemed like coffee would be appropriate and thus little neighborhood coffee cafe sucked me in. Why is it that those cutesy places always do that?

While dd and I ordered our dark rich blend, this boy (my oldest grandson) plopped himself down and picked up this book. Don't you love it when the kiddos do that?

Oops, he caught me spying on him.

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mollygib said...

Jenni's kids are SO beautiful! I hope you all have such a good time together!

Lylah Ledner said...

Thanks beautiful Molly.....:-)

Pami said...

Love... Love.... Love! Leavin some good LOVE here for you, friend! You take amazing photos - capturing the feel of the moment. I especially love how you grab shots of stuff most people overlook. You're good that way... :-) xoxo

Lylah Ledner said...'s totally by accident...but when you get to know molly gib(son)...she's the real photo artistic one...