Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer BBQ Tip

One of the things I love to do while shopping at my local grocery is to come up along side another woman and begin some sort of conversation.

Today, I did I quick run to Sprouts to pick up a whole chicken (it's in my Sun Oven) for dinner. While there, I lolly gagged my way over to the cheese section. I needed/wanted some Brie cheese.

Lo and behold, while there I had a delightful chat with a New Yorker about the blue cheese she was looking for. Being simply me, I asked her about her plans for that blue cheese.

Of course, women love to share some of the secrets of their special dishes. And she did.

She intended to make a blue cheese sauce to pour over her BBQ chicken legs.

Well, these weren't JUST chicken legs - but she proceeded to tell me HOW to prepare them. She described the below rack and said that I NEEDED to get one to bbq chicken legs or wings. She told (with this big smile) me twice that all the fat dripped down and it left the skin nice and crispy.

On that note - I decided I WANTED one.

Anyone else heard of these or had experiencing using them for summer barbecuing?

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