Saturday, July 04, 2009

Simple Home Adventure: Making Cactus Jelly

My dear mother used to make prickly pear this time of year and I can still remember how wonderful that was to slather on top of an English Muffin.

Yesterday one of my grandkiddos joined me on an adventure down our street to gather the ripening fruit from some cacti

The boy seeing the game.

Onward ho.

Picking. Plucking. Picking. Whatever.

A few more please.

The boy distracted - in a good way - or a God way. (He is taking some of these pictures.)

His turn. The last time he spent a few moments in or around cactus ended up not being a pretty site. He'd tripped and landed in one of these. Needless to say, he was moving carefully.

Unfortunately, our photo opp ceased at this point. The boy saw a rabbit, got excited and then guess what? It happened. Again. Stink. I just might have lost my cactus fruit grabber helper.

Our prize.

Here's the HOW To make Cactus Jelly. Have you visited La Maison et le Jardin yet?

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