Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My Favorite Shabby Chic Designer is Back

I couldn't help but get excited when I found out that my very favorite shabby chic designer, Rachel Ashwell, who inspired me years ago is back.

I thoroughly enjoy the two books pictured above and really Rachel's Shabby Chic Interiors, Shabby Chic, The Shabby Chic Home - actually ALL her books are wonderful cool weather coffee day book (hot days too) to peruse through and get tons of ideas to create a little sanctuary.

I look forward to reading more of the creativity and ideas that Rachel has as she creates sanctuary again. In case you missed out - I've begun to create a little "French" sanctuary over here at la maison et le jardin - French for "Home and Garden."

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Tanya said...

I love Rachel Ashwell also and can't wait to see her new book. I will always have something white and chippy as well as slipcovers in my home because of her!

Lylah Ledner said...

Tanya...thanks for stopping by....just wondering about your slip some "how to" on your blog?