Thursday, July 02, 2009

Garden to Kitchen to Table

It never ceases to amaze me the joy that Michael and I have that comes from the garden God helped him prepare and plant and that I get to harvest.

I suppose the joy comes from the fact that neither of us city dwellers have ever really done anything like to this degree before . . . and especially in our backyard in the desert. I'm amazed that this stuff actually grows and that I head out the back door and clip herbs or lettuce or peppers or tomatoes and make salads and soup.

Just look at this bounty from this spring time.

Michael figured that each garden box cost under $50. Our organic soil was about $150 (and that was delivered to our front door) and the little potted beauties were about $100.

I get to take the Italian herbs outside from here . . . to my kitchen here . . .

. . . for my Italian sauce here.

If you need to get inspired this book might do just that!

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