Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Updating a Bathroom on a Dime

I love my home and have enjoyed the process of creating sanctuary in the spaces of my home.

A few years ago we started updating our 80's home. We ripped out all the 8" white tile, ripped out old Berber carpet in the family room and the original carpet in all the bedrooms.

We changed up the dark brown cabinetry and base board to Dunn Edwards Swiss Coffee (love that color) and warmed up the floor with dark walnut 5" planked hardwood floors. The last room in the house to be changed up was our master bedroom and bathroom. This long awaited project took off two weeks ago and all that's needed now is updating the faucets.

This is where you come in. I'd like your opinion and here's the challenge. I have a itsy bitsy amount of money and need to replace the lighting and the faucets and find some Cottage or French Country style mirrors. The floor is a deep bronzy brown color and the tile is beigy.

This is what the counters look like. I forgot to snap a picture of the total before, but if you can imagine wall to wall mirrors - you get the point.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the swiss coffee white cabinetery. I'm not sure it's all "matching" with the tile, but it's at the very least - fresh.

Darling husband patching some missed holes and getting ready for a second coat of this embracing yellow which is a hint of a shade lighter than what I used in our master bedroom.

With all this updating, I think I would I have conclude that my style is mostly Cottage or French Country. In all the magazines and books I am drawn too and drool over - it's these two styles that distract me most.

One of two sink faucets that we need to replace. OK, this is....uh.....ugly, I know and full of calcium - the original faucets.

A little tub action. Check out that BIG picture window. I had a pale pink (no clue why I picked pale pink) wooden blinds. Michael's in the process of painting them white. Any other ideas?

This is the tub. The shower has the same brassy looking stuff. Take note of - or, no, don't look at that ugly grout line along the edge of the tile. Actually, that's my next project. I'm invigorated by the inspiration and how to help from Sherry and John's This Young House blog. Check our what they did here.

Now, I think this bath ware is still in good shape. If I don't have to - spend the money - I'd like to keep it. So, as you pass on ideas, please let me know what you think? Is it possible to find matching sink faucets that will still work with this?

Oh, this is my flooring. The photo is a bit glarey, but it's a rich stained concrete - needing a bit of repair, but I still enjoy it.
This is the suggestion that my husband has come up with. They are an antique bronze finish.

Do you think it can work? Would you use this? If so, can it work with the existing tub/shower faucet along with hinges and door hardware that is the goldy brassy color that matches the tub?

Or, maybe this rubbed bronze one is better? What do you think?

So, help me out! I need faucets, lighting and mirrors. Can't wait for the help!

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Leia said...

You're welcome to contact my husband. He works at Ferguson Enterprises, a plumbing showroom and distributor. They have all the stuff you're looking for (and way more). We're in the DC area, but he can either point you to your local Ferguson or just ship stuff to you from his. He's not commissioned, he just likes selling things.

Lylah said...

You are so kind to point me in a possible direction. I'll totally look this up!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!

Andrea said...

Leia, Ferguson is GREAT! They have so many products and each time I am there they are so very happy to help.

Lylah, I would polish up the shower and tub fixtures (Ferguson should have info on that also.)and go to Ferguson for matching sink faucets. If there is a Ferguson showroom anywhere around you go visit them. They have fab ideas.

Then I would switch out the lighting to match the fixtures.
(Lowes is where I go for lighting. For me it was a very inexpensive change.)Once you have these small changes finished, you will be shocked by the difference.

Can't wait to see your finished product!

Lylah said...

Hey Andrea...thanks for stopping by! Great ideas. I checked out Ferguson and lo and behold - there's a store near my home....I will check it out.

Andrea said...

When you go to Ferguson leave the pocketbook with Mike! I am sure you will fall in love with something and it most likely will be $$! But the ideas abound.