Friday, May 08, 2009

Cozy Spaces For Reflection

Creating that little cozy space of sanctuary is necessary for every woman's feminine soul. Good intentions can often short when a woman doesn't set aside time and space to reflect, plan, ponder, create and rejuvenate. What does that "cozy" space look like in your home?

If you don't have a little spot set aside, then here's some ideas that might stir you to consider creating that little "sanctuary" space just for you!

Which cozy space could you see yourself being drawn to most?

When life rushes by without a pause in the day - the feminine soul is rushed and a rushed woman's soul - will struggle living out of that Center. An uncentered woman will be scattered, tired, and unproductive!

Country Living

I'm drawn to this cozy space and can picture myself sitting there for hours! I like the color, the softness of that little sofa.

This is another spot that I can image that I'd get lost in - just sitting, journaling, reading, sipping green tea.

I love the shabby chic-ness of this ....

What do you do to quiet your feminine soul? What does your cozy space for reflection look like?

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Melissa said...

I had to look through all of the pictures a few times, and the one cozy space that drew me in was the first picture. It was inviting. It was soft and delicate...quiet and peaceful. It had all the right colors and had a beautiful way of including nature.