Friday, April 10, 2009

Wow - I Can Eat These

I really love my Twitter and Face Book friends. Today, I asked if I could eat these (cause I nibble on a piece of one, not knowing if I could - thought I'd soon find out if i got sick and dropped over). Fortunately for me, according to all my Twitter and FB friends - I can eat these lovely nasturtiums from my garden.

My Twitter friend - PattyMarie sent me this link on growing Nasturtiums to eat and then this one on stuffing them with cream cheese. Sound great!

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Patricia said...

So now I am in the mood for warmer weather...I want to get my new fun varieties of nasturtiums in the ground!! I already have salmon in the freezer just waiting for Nasturtium Lemon Butter.

I'm enjoying your blog! I'm so glad Melissa of Mel's World tweeted about your book Power Prayers so I could get a chance to meet another woman who blogs all the things I love reading about!