Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hello My Garden

Good morning my sage. I never knew how delightful you are.

Oh, sweet Nasturtium, how lovely you fare.

Good morning my purple beans and curly leafed lettuce. You're looking mighty pretty this day.

Sweet beets. I don't like you so much, but you're good for me, so I'll learn to love you.

Looking close and looking far. God is good no matter what.

Oh, sweet girl you profit me well.

Swiss chard - I adore you. Little beets, purple beans, heirloom tomato - you're my gifts.

Fennel, swiss chard, tomato and more - I'm in love.

Sweet peas and how sweet you are.

French sorrel - I love your delicate taste.

And - more to come....

I hope you've enjoyed my morning garden walk this fine April day.

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Mamma said...

So jealous of your garden. Mine is still just a dirt patch...a tilled dirt patch...but a dirt patch just the same. A few more weeks before I can plant.

*3~BLonDeS~mOm said...

how lovely!! makes me hungry for salad...
its 48 degrees today, finally!! We are running in sunshine, although its far from heat. We have on sweatshirts..and NO JACKETS!! Heaven!!

daniel (food dryer home) said...

Your tour inflated my sense of anticipation: pea seeds, lettuce seeds, spinach seeds, and onions lie shivering under the soil in my garden where last night's low was about 24F degrees. So nice to see how they'll probably look in three weeks or so.