Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who isn't thinking about saving, frugality and pinching pennies. I remember my Grandfather always talking about being the necessity to be what he called a spend thrift (saver). He'd regularly smack his lips together as he evaluated each family member's "fox tales" as he'd call those unnecessary items of luxury.

Today, Grandfather's words and attitude toward money resonate in my head and heart and I move toward being a woman sincere about being frugal.

When I think of a frugal-hearted woman, I think of woman whose husband trusts her. A frugal-hearted woman is one who thinks about how she can be a blessing rather than a burden to her husband. And, this blessing/burden thing all starts in the heart with my attitude and then it comes out in choices and then actions that will either bless Michael or be a burden to him.

One of my role models - the P31 Woman was a worthy wife who blessed her man. As a matter of fact it says that he had full confidence in his wife and that she brought him GOOD all the days of his life. She was a CENTERED woman. She was a purposeful home keeper!

When I look at her life, I see that she was a total blessing because she had a frugal-heart in a few ways:

1. She was a planner and preparer. She lived with the end in mind.

2. She didn't act rashly or impulsively. She thought through what she wanted and invested wisely - in her home front, in the food she prepared and in preparation for those colder seasons. She lived with the end in mind.

3. She inspected a field before she bought it and she bought it with her own earnings. It says that her dealings were profitable. That has to come from a frugal heart and it had to BLESS her husband.

4. A frugal-hearted woman isn't a worry wart. It says that she laughed at the times to come.

5. From her frugal-heart came a gentle inner beauty that probably matched the physical beauty that blesses her husband.

What are your frugal-hearted ways?

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Falling Around said...

I love this post, Lylah!

"You're either a blessing to your husband or a burden"... so true.

One of my frugal-hearted ways is to buy furniture at the thrift store for like $10 and transform it into something that our family can be proud of. It's very satisfying. In fact, I'm working on 3 pieces right now!

Nicki at Domestic Cents said...

This is a really nice post. I've reflected on Proverbs 31 many times. There is so much to pull out of that chapter. I like how you paralleled it with frugality. Thanks for sharing.