Monday, February 23, 2009

The Lady at Walgreens

About two months ago I did a quick run to Walgreen's while Michael waited for me in the car. We were in a bit of a time crunch to hustle over to CVS.

So, I'm standing at the counter and this Walgreen's woman starts up a conversation. Normally, I'm all about conversations with strangers, but in this instant, felt a big of pressure because my darling husband was waiting in the car and I promised him, "I'll be real quick."

So, Walgreen's Woman says, "What do you think is happening with our economy? I think people are nervous with their jobs." My response, "Oh, yes, I'm sure." (If you know me, that's not a normal response. I'd typically engage in that conversation and purposely lead it somewhere by asking some good questions.)

Walgreens Woman kept going, "My daughter works at the other Walgreens and they just reduced her hours down."

My response (while thinking of husband waiting in the car), "Oh, that's too bad."

Walgreen's Woman has more to say, "I don't know what we'll do. She depends on those 40 hours for her health insurance. And, what will people do without health insurance? Will they go to the government for help?"

This response was horrible, "Yeah, they will but the government will run out of money and then not provide that kind of service again." That was real stupid.

Then this poor woman says, "My husband has been out of work for a year and a half and we're living on my income of $6.75 an hour and it's really tough. What will people do."

This was a stupid on a stick response, "Probably there will be martial law." Oh, gosh, why in the world did I say that? Michael's in the car, waiting and I blurt that one out.

Slowly, I walk away. . . and say another stupid thing, "Well, bless you."

HUH? Bless you? To a woman wanting some hope - wanting some answers to a dark night of the soul. And, me, who does have the potential of hope to give an answer - did not.

I walked away from the Walgreen's Woman very grieved, mad at myself and so sad that I did not take the time to touch a heart that was hurting and asking for hope - the hope that's within me.

So, how will you answer the Walgreen's Woman (or any other one) - not in a trite - "Trust God" statement (even though that's true), but in giving her an anchor to look to the One who is the Hope and Help of Us All.

I'm told to be ready to give an answer to the hope that lies in me. I wasn't that Sunday night at Walgreen's, but I am now. What's your answer?

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kalea_kane said...

You know, Lylah, I am not sure what I would say myself. I do know and have shared that God has seen me through many, many difficult situations. Situations that I can look at now and see His hand, but back then I was WIGGING. I am glad you wrote this. I will definitely be keeping this in mind.

By they way, I am glad you wrote about this woman, because we chose to pray for her and her family because you did. :)

Kelly :)

Carolina Mama said...

Lylah, I am so glad i read this. You are so right. Thanks for sharing and having us all think and prepare for the situation. God Bless You.

PS~Erin said...

How refreshing is your blog?! Happened upon it and am really enjoying your point of view. Looking forward to more. THanks!

Nicki at Domestic Cents said...

For certain, the Lord puts people in our path that we may touch them. I just want to kick myself when I miss an opportunity. Thank God for His graciousness.