Tuesday, January 06, 2009

radishes - oh sweet radishes

Been busy here lately kissing babies, but a little check to my garden made me want to kiss these.
Are they just NOT ever so lovely?

My little cabbage patch....
Fennel! Just found a site that tells me how to harvest my fennel.
Swiss chard - love this stuff.
How lovely is this broccoli. Glad the kids LOVE this stuff.

And, of course - the girls!

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Carolina Mama said...

Hello Lylah, Happy New Year! You just won the "Little Bella Bean" Onsie at Carolina Mama. :)

Congratulations! Please send me your information via email and I'll pass it on. Please share with your readers and there is a Win It Wednesday today. :) See ya soon.

Faith said...

Your garden makes me so jealous to live someplace warm in the winter!! The plants you are growing look wonderful!! I have been craving dark green veges lately, so it looks especially terrific!!

Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home said...

Oh Lylah, everything looks absolutely amazing!!! Makes me so ready for spring... sigh.

And speaking of looking amazing, what a sweet new grandbaby you've got there! Whohoo! :)