Wednesday, January 07, 2009

7 juicy tidbits about me

I'm so late in getting this request for 7 Juicy Tidbits about me - cause you see, I've been kissing babies lips off lately among 50 gazillion other things.

But, in spite of my margins being full, I still love getting these requests for 'juicy tidbits from my girlfriends and Sheila over at To Love, Honor and Vacuum asked me to join in the fun.

Juicy Tidbit # 1 - I've raised dairy goats while living in North Texas and had no problem castrating my bucks. Yup, it's true. As hard as the farm life was, I loved it.

Juicy Tidbit # 2 - While Michael and I were courting (I as a single mother with two little girls) he wrote me 7 - yup girls, count them - 7 love songs. Here's a sample of his sweet music.

Juicy Tidbit # 3 - Speakin' of Michael, he wrote the song, You are My Hiding Place. It was published by Marantha Music back in the 80's.

Juicy Tidbit # 4 - I love shoes and handbags. I won't share the juicy tidbit of how many shoes I had at one time in my life - but let's just say - two words: Emelda Marco. (Just kidding.) My favorite shoes (right now are these

Juicy Tidbit # 5 - About twenty five years ago - I was a race car driver - well, sorta - just once. I actually raced in a woman's powder puff figure eight and I came in next to the last place. Was one of the craziest things I've every done.

Juicy Tidbit # 6 - While spending the summer in Germany (1971) I saw the musical Hair. Yes, there was some nudity and today I still can't believe that I saw it - but it's part of my - uh one and only hippie experience.

Juicy Tidbit # 7 - I love to travel and I love to speak to women - mainly to encourage them to become women who live life on purpose. About twelve years ago, I had the privilege of being invited to speak to the Qlosa tribe of women in an area called Willowvale in South Africa. Was an awesome experience.

For more very juicy tidbits about very fun women - visit Sheila! She's the queen of juicy and vacuuming and honoring husbands too!

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Kaye said...

When my kids were little, we used to go to Calvary Chapel and often sang the song, You Are My Hiding Place. It's been many years but I still remember the words, the tune, and the the joy it fills me with. And now I sing it to my grandkids periodically! Please share my thanks to Michael for writing it for God and sharing it with us! :)And thank you for sharing the info :)

Lylah said...

hi dear Kaye...i'll pass it on :-) blessings on you....lylah