Thursday, December 11, 2008

tonight it's roasted chicken

Roasting a whole chicken is just about the only way to go (at least I think so) and what makes it mouth watering is adding a blob of butter under the skin and then some sprigs of rosemary (from the garden, of course) or marjoram.

Yum...can't wait. Smells great!

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Carolina Mama said...

what a tasty looking dinner! love your blog! come visit and enter my Win It Wednesday! :)

Melissa said...

Ever since I ate at California Pizza Kitchen, I have been trying to recreate that yummy delicious sandwich I ate that was a grilled honey mustard and rosemary chicken sandwich. So, when I roast chicken, I like to make it in that manner too. I mix my own honey, ground mustard, and pepper to make the honey mustard, and then I add it to the raw chicken which I rubbed the rosemary all over and put the sprigs of rosemary on it and in its inner cavity to roast away. I love how rosemary tastes and smells. It absolutely is aromatic and soothing to my taste buds. Gotta love picking herbs from the garden and using them in our cooking!

dolcechic said...

It looks really great too!

Dot O said...

Lylah, your blog looks so yummy! Hope to read through some more after I get back from Christmas shopping today!

Have a wonderful day.