Friday, December 12, 2008

put these? in my soup? ahhh

Two dear friends have been encouraging me to add these to my chicken soup. To be honest, I haven't had the stomach to do "it."

So, since I made roasted chicken last night and I always make broth (for soup) the next day, I decided to brave it and pull these out of the freezer. My motive is one of my son in laws, Gerald. I think these - or this might help him. Not sure he thinks so.

Great price, eh?!

I've had these in there for awhile and every time I look at them, I want to gag. All I can think about are these pretty ladies.

So, my two dear friends, along with nutrition guru Sally Fallon say that this is the best part and adds the best nutrition to the broth. One of my friends says (and I have to believe her) that these have healed her intestinal gut.

Note the underlined blue in Sally Fallons, Nourishing Traditions - one of the greatest Health/Cookbooks ever.

Question: Would YOU put them in your soup? Have you seen my new Home and Garden Notebook yet?

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Cliff Girl said...

I think I'd have to have many reasons to add these to my soup! Hope your son-in-law enjoys :)

Are you going to pick the bones out, or try to leave the feet intact for the sake of beauty and authenticity? ;)

Melissa said...

This cracked me up. Coming from a home where my husband is Chinese and them having come from China, I was simply mortified the first time I saw chicken feet on a plate with little radish flower decorations being offered to me to eat. As I peered closer, I saw the nail on the chicken feet, and was completely dismayed and utterly grossed out. Out of my respect to my inlaw's hospitality and for my need of their approval I dug my teeth into a sweet and sour glazed tasting chicken foot. I closed my eyes as I bit it, but was taking back by how my inlaws made them actually tasty. Just this past week, Tien-Tien (my almost 3 yr old son) ate chicken feet without being grossed out and whatnot, and I feel thankful that we have been able to be blessed with an ethical flavored home dishes. Now, when we eat something unusual, I try it without being thoroughly grossed out and expressing those thoughts, and just suck down my need to gag when I am about to try something for the first or second time I would have never thought to eat. You never know that it might taste good or make your soup more nutritious. :o)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

NOT in a hundred years!


Youthful One said...

I didn't realize they would be helpful in healing intestinal problems. We've been drinking aloe for that. I also have the same cookbook and have been considering looking for chicken feet. I'm just not confident of the sources yet - I think I'll ask the butcher at the natural food store where I get my chicken.

How'd it go?
Did you notice more gelatin?
Did your son-in-law enjoy it?

Lylah said...

Hey Youthful One....I blocked my memory from even remembering that I'd put them in the soup.....and it really is a good thing. The soup was great and I'll add those uh...little things each time because I understand what they do for you.

It's a bit hard though when I look at my hen's feet....:-)

Vicki said...

Totally put them in!! They were a staple in every soup I ate in Taiwan and after the first encounter we just stopped noticing them. I don't think you have to eat them to get the nutritional value from them? just let em soak good in the soup. They gave them to little ones to gnaw on...maybe a good teether for Roman? :)