Thursday, December 18, 2008

baby boy - we can't wait to welcome you

Being a grandparent is an amazing privilege. I love spending time with each of the five (plus 3- Michael and I claim these little ones too) little ones that call me Nana.

I am responsible for the legacy I leave these little ones. I will answer to God on That Day (2 Corinthians 5: 7 - 11) how I lived and modeled before them my love for God and people.

Soon, maybe in the morning, we'll welcome our 6th grandchild and 3rd boy into our family. I can hardly wait to see who this little guy is.

Note to Baby Boy:
Baby boy, I'm your Nana. I can't wait to kiss your cheeks off. Oh, I remember the moment where your mommy and daddy told the rest of the family that you were a boy. You know what baby boy? I was so excited that God decided to give our family you - a boy.

Baby boy, we're all excited for you to be here. Simon, the oldest boy, has slept in his clothes, set his alarm for 3 am expecting me to take him to the hospital when your daddy phoned letting me know it's time. Now that's love.

Baby boy, your mama was awfully sick with you, but in a sense most healthy with you. Can you believe it - she's hiked and ran ( a lot) with you. Even last Sunday, she hiked Pinnacle Peak and then ran down. I made it about a mile - walking with your Grandma Peggy. She lives in Portland and you're really really gonna like her a lot when you meet her.

Baby boy, your sister thinks your name should be Sun Angel. That's funny - we think. We laugh every time she tells us. She's four.

Baby boy, your mommy and daddy are so exited to see your sweet little face. I've enjoyed watching their love for each other grow deeper and sweeter - just because of you.

Baby boy, you're a lucky little guy. Your big brother is awesome. He's a gentle soul and he'll probably kiss and hug you to death. He'll teach you how to protect your sister, how to throw rocks and play Nintendo.

Baby boy, that's your Poppie and you're really gonna like him. He's so much fun and he loves to wrestle the boys and jump on the trampoline and dance Princess dances with the girls and play piano so they can sing. He's a tender soul and is so proud to be a grandpa. He likes to joke around and he loves God alot. He teaches people and he writes lots of beautiful music. Your sister and brother love to sing your Poppies songs. If you ask him, he'll even write a special song for you (he did for your mommy and daddy's wedding).

Baby boy, fresh from your Creator, come soon so we can love you more.

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Georgia said...

Congrats, Lylah on this new little one soon to be born. I agree 100% about our responsibilities as a Grama and I always ask the Lord to give me the strength and health to be there for them. We just had our 15th and 16th almost 2 weeks ago.. Identical twin boys. Titus and Lincoln (both 6# 13 oz. each).. This rounds out an ever growing family.. the next in line is a 6 month old boy, Jaxen... all the way up to 23 year old boy..
I always pray as well that I am able to leave them a legacy of love from Jesus..
God bless you ..

The Youth Pastor's Fam said...

thanks mom! that's beautiful and so perfectly describes this little guy coming to be part of us- this new responsbility for mark and i. what a sweet tribute.