Monday, August 11, 2008

why write a one-flesh (marriage) purpose statement?

Michael and I have a 'one-flesh' purpose statment and it's one of the things that anchors us so that we can move together, verses moving independently - which is the tendency of any one's self protective and proud flesh.

Just about every married couple we talk to, we interject the value of discovering together and writing a one-flesh purpose statement.

My husband writes:
Reason to develop a one-flesh purpose statement
After developing an individual purpose statement, the one-flesh purpose statement keeps us on track as we go for reward.

In other words, the one-flesh purpose statement which we form together, brings out the best in us and nudges us to move together instead of independently, thereby protecting the very purpose of our marriage—which is to glorify Him by growing in character & attaining His greatest reward!

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Jenni Saake said...

Haven't heard of this before, but great idea! Do you know of a resource where we could see examples of such statements?

Jenni Saake (InfertilityMom)