Tuesday, August 19, 2008

what's lylah serving for dinner this week? 8/19 - 26

For some reason, planning the next week's menu didn't go as smooth as I'd hoped. I think it's because our margins seem to have a few extra things added. Last week, I wrote that I am using Google Calendar - LOVE that thing.

Tonight - I'm serving left over Chicken Soup. How good is that - on Day 2?

Tomorrow evening, we're head to the Jewetts home. I'm bringing Madres Curry and a Basque Salad. Pauline's making rice.

Thursday - I'm going to make that Tortilla Soup that I didn't make last week. This is a great crock pot soup that just gets better and better.

Friday -It's BBQ Chicken and Rice on the menu and since I crave Basque Salad, we'll have that too.

Saturday - Woohoo - leftovers!

Sunday - Cabbage Soup it is. It's still pretty hot here in the AZ desert so why I want to make this soup, I have no idea except that IT IS FABULOUS!

Monday - I've got to make Angella's Souvlaki - are you kidding? You should too! And, of course her Greek Salad!

See some other great menu ideas here at the Queen of Organizing's Blog.

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Beth Ann said...

Those ALL sound so yummy!!! I think Ill look closer at a few to see what my week looks like for next week!

"J" said...

Just stopping by again this week! =)

I see your on making the cabbage soup!!!! =) YUM-O! I can't wait till it cools off so I can make some!

Your Monday night sounds soooooooooooooooooo good!!! I might have to try that!


Lylah said...

Hi J and Bethann -thanks for stopping by. that cabbage soup is awesome and what makes it with a little extra kick is adding some jalepenos...