Wednesday, August 06, 2008

speaking of men - this one gets the prize

One of my twitter friends, posted this piece today. I was drawn to it, because another reader said it made her cry.

Metro Dad writes: Earlier today, my father-in-law finally lost his battle with cancer. Surrounded by loved ones, he took his last breaths on this world and moved on to a better one. No longer will he be besieged by the pain that defined his last weeks among us.

What caught my heart was this: Although he was the strong, silent type, my father-in-law was one of the kindest and gentlest men I have ever known in my entire life. In a world defined by greed and chaos, he lived his life simply and honorably. Nothing gave him more pleasure in this world than his family, his God, and the church of fishing. My respect for him was immeasurable.

And THIS grabbed my heart and squeezed it: However, what I love and admire about him the most was his undying love for his wife. They had a lifelong love affair with one another that was magically romantic and one of the most beautiful things to witness on a daily basis. They were practically inseparable and their lives revolved around one another. BossLady and I frequently talked about how their marriage was an inspiration to the rest of us.

I think everyone of us wants that. I do.

And, so I must ask myself (daily) what is my part in being a woman of grace and dignity who shows admiration and respect for her husband that is a drawing factor where he can't get enough of me. And, what about you?

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Mrs. Sidney said...

I want so much to be that woman of grace that her husband can't see his life without her. I want to love and respect my husband more than anything in life. I want to be an example of what marriage could be we loved like God.

Thank you for sharing!!