Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the centered woman - part 4

Wednesdays are my Centered Woman Day and today's subject IS The Centered Woman – which is The Woman we all want to become!

So, just WHO is the centered woman?

First, this woman is anchored in WHO she is –WHOSE she is – and WHERE she’s going. She’s a woman of confidence and doesn’t get swayed by life’s uglies and dirties because she has PURPOSE and she LIVES with the end in mind.

She is one who is NOT preoccupied with how others are doing, but is more so focused on how SHE is doing.

A centered woman is working out her own salvation with fear and trembling. She’s conscious of those character growth areas (or weaknesses) that will be rewarded at the Bema Seat.

This woman UNDERSTANDS how THIS LIFE LIVED matters for how the NEXT LIFE is.

The centered woman understands that there are SIX (main) events in everyone’s life:
Life, Death, Destination, Resurrection, Repayment and finally Eternity.

The centered woman knows that she was created in the image of God for a life of purpose. And, she knows that according to A Life God Rewards, her real destination will be reached after she dies and what determines that is what she believed—or really who she believed while on earth. (John 3:16—18).

Scripture reveals only two possible locations in the after life: heaven or hell (John 14:2; Matthew 23:33). Both last forever.

The centered woman GETS it that she’ll not only have a resurrected body BUT that she’ll receive her reward on her retribution for eternity based on what she did (attitudes and motives) on earth.

Have you ever stopped to think that what you believe will determine how you spend eternity?

Although your eternal destination is based on your belief, how you spend eternity is based on your behavior while on earth.

Believers and nonbelievers will be judged by Jesus Christ at events called the Bema and the great white throne (John 5:22; 2 Corinthians 5:10; Revelation 20:11—15). The outcome will determine your degree of reward in heaven or retribution in hell (Matthew 11:21-22; 23;14).

The centered woman GETS THIS and lives her live according to this and that’s why she’s got purpose.

She knows that her TODAY will impact what her ETERNITY looks like. She knows that today’s choices and attitudes and motives in THIS VERY moment matter.

More next Wednesday on the Centered Woman.

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Mrs. Sidney said...

Love it!!
I am really begining to notice the choices I make no matter how small have eternal results. I am learning so much and I feel like I am growing.

I do have one questions. In a Coffee Talk setting as woman are we suppose to keep our mouths shut when people are living in denial about their situations. I have a friend who never takes time for herself, complains about it all the time and even when given oppertunity to take time she comes up with more excuses.. this cycle of complaining and standing still in driving me nuts as a friend. Do I say nothing and listen or do I say something.

I know that was long, I apologize.

Thanks again, Ronel