Monday, July 21, 2008

organizing ideas for a boys room

Two weeks ago, Jenni and I took a trip to the Ikea in Bilboa, Spain. She was on the look out for some sort of an organizing - shelf type system for Simon's bedroom. I was on the look out for everything. I just LOVE that place. I took the liberty to snap away at different things that I thought were great organizing ideas and displays. I'll post them this next week.

This grandkiddo of mine is one of those very creative, geniuses who is VERY random. He LOVES all the little tiny pieces of Leggos and Bionicles that give a mind like his room for imagination. Unfortunately, a mom can find those pieces annoying. Helping this kind of kid become responsible and organized can be quite the challenge. This (below) unit is what Jenni found and it's perfect for Simon.

According to Titus 2: 3-5, it's a mother's responsibility to train her children. Part of that training includes learning to being respectful of people and property.
It's a must that children learn to be responsible and to take care of their "stuff" and learn how to do so - in a way that there is "a place for everything and everything in it's place."
Understanding HOW God wired your child will help them learn HOW to be responsible (and organized).

For example, my grandson, Simon is a random, creative and sanguine-ish type of kid. Jenni is using colored containers - to help him organize his "stuff."

Using colored containers is a great tool to help a child like Simon (sanguine-ish and random) learn to become more sequential and organized. Something else that helped when he was younger was drawing pictures on the boxes of what was supposed to go into the box.

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