Friday, July 18, 2008

the frugal-hearted woman - being a blessing or a burden to my husband

A frugal-hearted woman is one who thinks about how she can be a blessing rather than a burden to her husband. And, this blessing/burden thing all starts in the heart with my attitude and then it comes out in choices and then actions that will either bless Michael or be a burden to him.

One of my role models - the P31 Woman was a worthy wife who blessed her man. As a matter of fact it says that he had full confidence in his wife and that she brought him GOOD all the days of his life. She was a CENTERED woman. She was a purposeful home keeper!

When I look at her life, I see that she was a total blessing because she had a frugal-heart in a few ways:

1. She was a planner and preparer. She lived with the end in mind.

2. She didn't act rashly or impulsively. She thought through what she wanted and invested wisely - in her home front, in the food she prepared and in preparation for those colder seasons. She lived with the end in mind.

3. She inspected a field before she bought it and she bought it with her own earnings. It says that her dealings were profitable. That has to come from a frugal heart and it had to BLESS her husband.

4. A frugal-hearted woman isn't a worry wart. It says that she laughed at the times to come.

5. From her frugal-heart came a gentle inner beauty that probably matched the physical beauty that blesses her husband.

What are your frugal-hearted ways?

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angela said...

One thing that really bugs me is how some women are constantly busy! They are always saying how busy they are...they complain about it or brag about it, not sure which. Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, they only have themselves to blame! Could you address the need to be balanced and the importance of rest! I am not a busy mom (in the sense that I am constantly running around in a frenzy) and this is a purposful decision on my part! What is your viewpoint on this?


angela grow

Mary Ann said...

I'd love a copy of the e-book! I'm emailing you right now. :-)


Mrs. Querido said...

I am so enjoying this series! Thank you for sharing the wisdom that you have been given :)

surrendered2theking said...

I also would love a copy of that book! I just recently found your blog and subscribed to it right away! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us younger wives/mothers! I will be emailing you soon :-)


Lylah said...

hey ladies...thanks for the sweet comments....

Angela - I have commented on REST here :-) see if it "speaks" -

BarbaraLee said...

I love your blog. You make so much sense. I do my best to be the helper my hubby needs. This isn't easy. But I do keep my life simple. Less clutter & organized. This helps make life easier. B/c of this I can sneak away w/my hubby for outings and not worry about the house.

Ruthie said...

Greetings Lylah,

I found your blog through Five in the Potter's hand. I would love a copy of your e-book. Thanks so much for providing such a wonderful resource.


Leia said...

Ms. Lylah, if you're not already a part of a MOPS group, you need to be! We need "Mentor Moms" like you who are committed to helping us newbies out!

I'll definitely be emailing you too for a copy of your ebook!

Lylah said...

hi there leia...that's just about one of the sweetest compiments. grin...grin...i've actually just received an email for an invitation and several months ago spoke with another woman (in my area) for a mops invitation.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have read your blog and it is great. I can't wait to see what I have been missing...Carrie

Joy said...

I've got an "at home day" today and am visiting other women :) I came across your blog and I think I need to get another cup of tea and spend a little bit of time with you!
At this time of rising prices and being a one income family, I know my hubby is feeling the pressure financially. It's encouraging to know that there are other women out there who want to bless their husbands by being frugal hearted. Thanks so much for sharing!
Is it too late to email you for the ebook?! It looks wonderful.



Hillesther said...

I am completely enjoying your blogs. It is so refreshing, and I would love a copy of your ebook.