Monday, June 30, 2008

tales of traveling lylah - part 2

Arriving in a big airport is always interesting - especially without my husband. I wrote on an earlier post that I realize how -with Michael - I'm able to rest in following his lead. I really like that! And, since flying 'solo', I've been reminded how vigilant I've had to be in order to make the connections that I needed to make.
This is the "purple" tunnel in Heathrow Airpot Terminal Four. It was a good 15 minute walk to get the "other side."
It took me 2.5 hours to figure out the taxi situation. There are black cabs (very expensive) and there Hopper buses (minimal cost) and then there is what's called theHLR. That's what my husband wrote down for me to call and take to my little motel. For some reason I struggled through trying to figure out what to do, when - all along he'd taken care of me and had it written down. So much for my "vigilance." Gosh, girls...just listen to your husbands a bit more.
This is the Heathow Lodge. It's in a little hamlet - literally on the back side of the London Heathrow Airport. It's the cheapest and it has the worst reviews. With my "budget" it's what we had to go with. On a personal note, I'd struggled for weeks with booking this hotel. I'd had this sense of not feeling safe. Looking at the "warning sign" on the building - perhaps was a clue? More on this later. . . .

In spite of what I anticipated - I actually found the place delightful. Yes, it was small. But what more does one need for an overnight stay. As I went in search of wi-fi down the road to the next big hotel, I found the search through the little hamlet just as wonderful. I've got great pics to come. See part 3.
This is one of the local pubs - right across the street from the Heathrow Lodge.

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