Monday, June 16, 2008

serving a little chinese and eating a little indian (food)

How can American's NOT get to know people of other nations? I just don't get it. This past Saturday I spent a good junk of time with two of my daughters from India - Sowmya and Ambika (both are masters students at Arizona State University).

We ate Indian food, laughed and talked about all kinds of subjects: religion, politics, the trouble the world is in, being women and I'm sure there were a few other topics mixed in there.

One thing that struck me and I'll never forget. They said that when they came to America they'd hoped for an American friend. Unfortunately, their classes seemed to be full of Indian students and didn't seem that their be an opportunity for that American friendship.

Well, as God and Life would have it - Michael and I joined Friendship Partners so that we could make friendships with students of other countries AND the super cool thing is that these beautiful young women along with two of their roommates AND two of their guy friends from India got to be our "friends." Not only that, but we've adopted them as our daughters and sons and now they not only have "American" parents, but they have sisters (Candace and Jenni and Breanna) and brothers (Mark, Gerald, Griffin) and they are aunties and uncles to a bunch of little ones!

The coolest thing was what Vidya said, "Your family is not a typical American family."
So, I ask you - how can you NOT build a bridge - make a connection - open your home - feed your neighbor - because when you do - they in turn feed you too.

This was our Chinese feast at from here at Jing and HuiYang's home.

I told you Linda was smacking her lips.

Zane, one of our picky eaters, did a pretty good job enjoying his Chinese dumplings!

The cute couple!

Now, I ask you another question: How blessed are we?

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