Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Baby Steps to Becoming an On-Purpose Home Keeper

The last two weeks, Michael and I have opened our home to help his youngest brother and his adorable wife get resettled here in the Phoenix Valley. While Griffin has done the "job searching" thing, Breanna and I have had some sweet Titus 2time over tea.

We've had conversation about what it means to be a homekeeper, what baby steps toward creating sanctuary look like, how to think with the end in mind when you evaluate your marriage, your parenting and your homefront and why that's important in organizing and creating margins of time on the homefront.

I've shared with Breanna some of the the reasons why I do what I do and my values in regards to my home. Values and understanding them are key to do what you do.

I've also shared with her (a young mom with two little girls ages 11 months and two years and in October baby Cole will join their family) some of my "mom parenting hints" along with lots of marriage advice and how imperative it is for a wife to understand and get behind her husband's vision. She totally gets why she's to show and model him respect. She gets it that she has a role and he has a role and that she has responsibility within that role. I'm teaching her why that's important as she begins to set margins for her day with time and priorities.

Oh, yes, I love to talk about cooking and the importance of menu planning and eating healthy.

I'm excited about not only continuing the discipleship/mentoring process with Breanna to help her create sanctuary in her home, but to actually put to pen my advice for you too. I'm going to put these principles into a new series I'll call: Baby Steps to Becoming an On-Purpose Home Keeper.

So, stay posted - I'll begin Wednesday morning. See you then! Oh, I'd love to hear your ideas too! Here's part 1.

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Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home said...

Sounds like a great series! I'd love to hear more from your wisdom, about setting some foundations for being a home keeper. Though I eagerly eat up anything I can learn about it now, it was not taught or modeled to me as a child, and I have sooo much to learn still!

You're wonderful- have a fantastic day!