Monday, April 28, 2008

unique wedding cakes

Weddings are just around the corner for many lovely brides. Michael and I just went to one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever been to this past Saturday night. The daughter of friends of ours married her child-hood sweetheart.

Jamala is getting married in fifty days (or less).

Vidya, one of my daughters from India, is returning to Bangalor to marry her love on June 26th. (I sooooooo want to be there.......ahhhhh) O.K. just had to get that out of my system.

And I'll be helping Jin, one of my daughters from China, plan her December wedding(of which I get to help and Michael gets to officiate!).

So, since I have weddings on my mind, these unique cake ideas caught my attention. And here I have some table top ideas, bride and groom seating ideas, gift ideas for your bridesmaids and a reception seating idea.
I wanted to share this unique cake with you - it's full of sweet peas and orchids. Lovely!

It's hard to believe that the beautiful lattice work is actually edible on this Lemon Cake.

This is so . . . . well, if you are a Lylah Blog reader, you know that I'm crazy about cupcakes and my grandkids! Why not make a cupcake tower like this for your wedding?

This has to be the loveliest three-tiered, fondant covered cake. Don't you love that monogram for the cake topper? Check it out here.
Don't tell me this isn't super cool! It's a French Orange Pound Cake.
Yum! The initials are made of air-dried meringue.

Flaming baked Alaskans - great idea for wedding cakes.
Fauchon's monogrammed pink pastry boxes, or boites roses, are interpreted in tinted white chocolate; the cake itself is vanilla sponge with strawberry syrup and mousse. Almond macaroons in raspberry, chocolate, pistachio, and passion fruit are piled on and around the tiers.

The Charlotte - is my favorite. If you look into the window of any Parisian patisserie and you'll see romance, all done up in butter, eggs, sugar, and flour. It's been said that the French tradition of pastry is as august and ardent as the tradition of amour. It is little wonder, then, that these creations make such stunning gateaux de mariage, or wedding cakes.

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