Monday, April 21, 2008

garden delights and garden progress

Our garden is insane. We're loving this experience (thanks to Patti, the Garden Girl and her Urban Sustainable Living help, my friend Anita (I've watched her soul grow as her garden grows and for the Revolution U-Tube for the inspiration).

Just this morning, while sipping some green tea and doing some extra watering, Michael mentioned that he really can't believe we've (he's - God's) done this. It's a work of God - truly. Check out the Princess Pathway - it's almost done. Garden Guy's supposed to finish it today. Then all the little Princesses will have a straight path (sorta) down to the "bump" and grandkiddo play area.

We've gone from this. . .
and this . . .

to this . . .

and this. Amazing. Simply amazing.

Box # 2 - on the right - is so loaded with dill. The cucumbers are trailing beyond the little stake I put up - they're headed up the pool fencing. Sweet. That's a bit of French Sorrel in the front left side of the box and nasturtiums (with the orange flower) in the center.

Our lettuce consumes box # 1. We're eating tons of salad and will soon package up baggies for neighbors. I'd mentioned the end of last week about our sick tomato plants. Garden Guy replaced them Saturday with some organic ones from Whole Foods.

Because our desert sun is so HOT - Garden Guy's planning to add to build sun screens to see if we can lengthen our growing time. And, of course, I'll post that progress. I'm also starting to research what would be good to plant next.

Oh, one other cool thing - we checked our little Pomegranate tree this morning - down at the end of the Princess Pathway and to our utter joy - we've got actual Pomegranates growing. Wow. Amazing. Simply Amazing.

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Bonnie said...

This garden is so amazing Lylah !! I've loved watching it progress !! A pomegranate tree !?!?! How cool !! I'll have to see if I can get one of those in my garden ! May have to grow it from seeds though ... I've never seen them here. But I reckon they'd grow in this tropical climate!