Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ivana is a Ballerina - in Training

Oh, girls we better listen up. Classical Ballet Training.
She want's us to do what?
You're kidding. Did she say skip or did she click?
Hey, look girls. I'm doing it.
I got it. Left hand on hip.
Right hand extended out. Right leg out.
What position is this called again?
Yes. I'm so stink'n cute.

If I put my tongue out, it helps me focus. At least I'm not picking my nose.
Dayn, what's the matter - is this class giving you a neck ache?

I did it. Third position. I think.

Hey, check this out.
Third position looks cute when you squat.
Girls you'll have to try it.

Ivana Ballerina

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Kele said...

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Lylah said...

Hi Kele

Thanks for the suggestion. I had to take these photos throught the class room door - that had wire on it. Bummer, huh. Great photo shop blog.