Thursday, January 24, 2008

Basque America - Travel Guide

A Travel Guide to Basque America—the first-ever guide to America’s Basque-American communities, their history, culture, and festivals—has been a best-seller since it first appeared in 1998. This new edition lists dozens of new restaurants, Basque cultural clubs and cultural events, and hundreds of Basque-related Internet sites that have appeared since 1998. It also includes new information about recent events in the Basque Country, their impact on Basque-Americans, and new cultural and community efforts to preserve Basque culture in America. This is the essential guide for Basque-Americans seeking links to their ancient culture and its homeland and their counterparts in the U.S., as well as for any traveler interested in exploring one of this country’s most vibrant and fascinating ethnic minorities.

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Vidya said...

Hey Lylah! This is an interesting interesting interesting blog! You should host a travel show, people are going to love it!