Monday, September 29, 2008

Power of Life and Death in the Tongue.

In light of helping wives grow in learning to respect/love their husbands, I am reposting this piece written a year ago. Enjoy.

I wonder if we, women ought not to bridle our tonques more? Doesn't that sound "controlling?" But, maybe it's something to think about about.

There is the power of life and death in the tongue. It can wound or it can win.

By simply listening to the way a woman speaks to her husband, you can tell what kind of a wife she is. You can tell if she respects him by the tone, body language, and words she uses.

What areas do you struggle with?
______Mindless chit-chat
______Interrupting conversations
______ Bragging
______Not really listening
______Telling your husband what to do or how to do it.

Here’s a homework challenge for you - it might be helpful and humbling: tell your husband that you want to grow in your respect (reverence - adoration, esteeming, preferring, putting him first, honoring him) toward him and since you do want to grow, tell him that you want to know what words you use or the way you say things that make him feel disrespected.

Ask him how you might say the same thing, but in a way, that he would feel respected.

Then, write down what he says and journal a prayer to the Lord to help you grow in this area.

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Betsy Cradic said...

I know that I have hurt my husband with words many times in the past, and now I'm in the process of learning to bridle my tongue and respect my husband (and therefore God) with my words.

Thank you for all the teaching! There are so many GREAT lessons here!

Lylah said...

Hi dear friend....gosh, if I haven't had to mop my husband up off the floor...more than, I'm getting it....:-)...I ran across this today in Watchmen Nee"s Practical Issues for Life...on idle words - and that (I do know this) every idle word will be given an account for on the day of judgment....ahhhh...check it out...Matthew 12:36...

love to u...'me'

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

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So come on, inspire us!

Spread the word!

We are going to have something SPECIAL ALONG WITH THIS FRUGAL CHRISTMAS!!!

Beverly Mahone said...

Because my husband and I are so different in the way we communicate, we know we have to work extra hard at it. I'm very colorful with words. He's direct and to the point. He says I sugarcoat. I say he can be hurtful. But because we recognize this about each other---it makes it easier to deal with conversations that could be easily misinterpreted.