Friday, October 19, 2007

Zane's 5 year old mind

The grandkids, Zane and Ivana are with Michael and I for the weekend. Mark's in CA and Candace is at a women's retreat. Zane says the funniest things. In a 30 minute moment here's or convo:

Nana: Zane, where'd your mom go?
Zane: To a re-trick or - treat.
Nana: Oh, what do they do there?
Zane: Give them candy.

Zane: Nana, can we write Ana (that's Jenni in Spain) an email?
Nana: Sure.
Zane: How do we do that?
Nana: Well, we just open up the letter on the computer and type in Ana's email address and then hit the click button (you can tell I'm not too saavy about the right words).
Zane: Wow, I didn't know mailmen could fly.

Zane: Nana, what does "almerosa" mean?
Nana: Wow, Zane, I don't know.
Zane: Oh, I just made it up.
Zane: It means "almerosa friend."

I'm blessed!

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