Saturday, September 30, 2006

we are rich - so rich!

It's not easy for us to forget how rich we are. When I say rich - I mean with people's lives surrounding Michael and I. Not only do we have two beautiful, God-fearing daughters, along with their amazing husbands, but five precious grandchildren who are always making us laugh - BUT - we get to be surrounded by the lives of the most awesome people who call Desert Streams Chapel their home church.

Today, Michael and I headed home after a morning of being in a few small groups and as we approached the homefront we saw a small crowd of familiar faces waving and smiling. There was Mark and Jennifer and Trey and Hannah. There was Wes and Kelly and Juanita and Linda. There was Anita and Nathan and Konstantinos - who spent his visit fixing the hall toilet which has been "exploding" (our grandkids word for a stuffed potty) the past week (in spite of Michael and Gerald's multiple attempts at unplugging whatever it was that prevented the "stuff" from going somewhere else.

Ok - these people - precious ones - and a few others like Mandy, Alice and Judy came over to bless Michael and I for Pastor's Appreciation. They wanted us to have a Martha Stewart home and dinner experience. Every empty pot was filled with color - something I've been intending to get to but haven't. When I say every pot - I mean every - and our Earth Boxes too were filled with vegetables! Anita even told me that they drove to John's Home Depot because it has the nicest plants - my goodness - his store is just about half way to Texas.

So, not only flowers, but food. Can you imagine walking in to this amazing smelling Turkey dinner cooking and can you imagine being told that the "second team" would arrive later to prepare the food, set the table and - can you believe it - clean up.

Ok, I cried. I am so blessed and rich to have friends who serve me and love me and don't judge me because the guest bathroom has been exploding. Michael and I are beyond blessed to be loved and served by the saints at DSC.

Around 4 p.m. Anita and Linda show up - pair about 10# of potatotes and begin to set tables. Rose shows up and then Joannie. Angels. Gifts. Women of God who serve. What a precious sight. My friends. Partners in the Kindom.

Dinner is served - and Michael and I, Mark and Candace, Gerald and Jenni are seated like royalty in the dining room - to be served this meal of thanks. We actually get to have some sweet adult conversation while these precious women eat with the fabulous five. I'm sure they were entertained sweetly. Simon even told his Mountain Parable. Sweet.

Clean up - if flowers weren't enough - if a Turkey dinner wasn't enough - these weary servants washed my feet by cleaning up. Oh, God - we are rich.

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