Saturday, July 08, 2006

on being zane & ivana's nana...and having parties

I've had the joy of spending 24 - 7 with Zane Michael - he's 3.5 and Ivana Bloom - who is a darling 1.5 the last two days. Mark and Candace are hanging out in the Valley of the Sun, so I get lots of Nana time.

Zane is just one of the kindest little guys you'd ever meet. His gift of mercy is evident in the way he cares for his sister Ivana. He's also got some good encouragement going on too. Every time "Poppie" (my wonderful husband) threw a toy to him in the pool, he'd say, "Good job Poppie. Two points for you dude."

Ivana loves to "organize" and help put things away. This afternoon, she and I had an "avocado party" (everything is a party) on the kitchen counter. I put her there while I cut up avocado and pepper pieces so she could eat them. I remember another party I had - with Zane, Simon (who is now 6.5) and Jillian who just turned 5. We had an icecream party. I put all three on the counter top and gave them a huge carton of icecream and "let them at it." You know, Grandparents can sometimes do those crazy things that a parent might not think quite so permissible.

Michael and I had another party in January of this year. We had Jenni and Geralds' three - and one night, we opened up 3 containers of Ben & Jerry's and then had a feast. I can still remember the chocholate on their faces.

One night I decided that Jillian could make up her own fun dessert with whatever she wanted to put together. The end result was a party eating Jillian's Delight.

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