Friday, March 19, 2010

Goat Song

My daughter, Candace, makes regular runs to the library and periodically brings me books that she thinks I'll find interesting. Lately they've been on gardening and farming. Um, I wonder why?

Of all the books that she's brought me - this one: Goat Song written by Brad Kessler, absolutely captured my heart. I just about couldn't put it down.

Goat Song is Brad's journal about he and Dona's (his wife) fresh experience in the world of farmsteading acquiring a few Nubian dairy goats.

It's a journal that involves food, culture and language says Mark Kurlansky and he (Brad) seduces with words.

I couldn't agree more.

"An urban dweller drawn to the land starts a pastoral life with goats on a small farm in Vermont. Wonderful descriptions of how people from many different cultures have both a spiritual and a poetic connection with being a shepherd" writes Temple Grandin.

I think that's why, in this season of my life, I was drawn and continue to be so. There's nothing so special as sharing a good read with the one you love and as I read portions to my pastor husband we had moments where we laughed and cried and pondered a bit more deeply - through Goat Song.

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