Friday, December 04, 2009

Why Is It . . .

. . . that before this move I so prided myself on having downsized and decluttered that now I just want to live with just white, live the simple life of the Amish and have just safety pins?

No, I'm kidding - sorta. Moving years of stuff is surely an interesting process and I know we all have our stories of those sorts of things we've carried around way to much and way to long.

It's kinda like that with baggage of the heart - some of us are carrying around a load (anger, bitterness, resentment, etc.) we should have dumped along time ago.

Perhaps this is the season that you might consider letting your extra and unnecessary baggage behind. I pray that you do.

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vicki archer said...

Nothing feels better that streamlining....a good New Year's resolution I think, xv.

Donna said...

It feels good to "dump" all that stuff!!!