Friday, November 06, 2009

Ola! Como estas?? What To Do With Your Chiles

My dear friend Maria has come to my rescue. I've grown a number of different chile peppers and to be honest didn't really know what to do with them. This email came from her today....perhaps you need to know what to do with your chiles from an expert?

Como estas??

Ok, so here's what you do with the chiles.

Jalapeños (smaller darker green chiles) - how I preserve and use later
Take them off plants
Do not use any that are completely wrinkled and not firm
take the stem off
boil them in water until they turn a lighter green
then I put in freezer baggies and freeze

I use these for my salsa. Fresh they are great for pico de gallo (use cilantro not parsley, ok )

Anaheim Chiles (larger / longer lighter green chiles)
Take them off plants
Do not use any that are completely wrinkled and not firm
The completely red ones can be left out to dry and used for red chile sauce (for enchiladas, chile con carne, etc). We can work on that later, if you want, now we will concentrate on the green ones.
Turn on oven to broil. (you can also do this on the grill outside, but i find this method easier)
I spread them onto cookie sheets (after rinsing thoroughly).
Spray them with a little bit of Pam
Put in oven between 10-12 minutes. check to make sure both sides are completely roasted.
If not, turn chiles, and put back in oven for a couple more minutes.
Let them cool a bit.
Then divide into freezer baggies and freeze.
I use these in salsas, chile con queso, green chile sauce for green chicken enchiladas, green chile con carne, casseroles, omelettes, scrambled eggs, quicke, all kinds of stuff.

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