Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Loving God Revealed . . .

We say we love God – we say we want to serve Him – but the reality of that is revealed in how we love others. How you do your relationship with God and other people really matters.

Often we deal with or relate to others according to the sick style of family enmeshment or disconnectedness from our family of origin.

A few years ago I was in a group with married women and one of the gals in the group delighted in flaunting her love for God by how much time she spent in prayer and devotion to God. To be honest it sickened me a bit because I knew that she despised her husband, wasn't submitted to his authority at all - and yet had this pretentious love for God.

Finally, one day, while in the group as she shared about her deep love for God and how much time she spent praying - I just had to say something. If you know me, I don't have much probably saying something......so, the something I said went something like, "Just stop it. No - you don't love God. Anyone can spend time reading a Bible or devotional books and praying. That's easy and it's no proof of love for God. Love for God is revealed in how you care about and relate to those in your life. You don't respect your husband. You really don't." Needless to say, she didn't like or appreciate the truth.

Now I understand how some marriages are stinkn' hard and painful - but this woman didn't have one of those - by her own confession - she was seeking ways to get out of her marriage and hopefully find a man who would "really" romance her.

What does your love for God look like? Is it a bunch of ritual or prayer or does it have feet to it - does your love for God look like taking the time - when you don't feel like it - to spend with someone who needs the gift of your presence? Does your love for God go that extra mile when you're absolutely exhausted and have nothing else to give - and yet you do? Does your love for God look like accepting, believing the best and coming along side your husband or friend or neighbor when they "bug" you?

Time is short. We never know if we have another hour or day - so make it count and really love.

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Mary said...

Bravo, Lylah!

We all need a wake up call now and then. This is a good one.

You may also have something to add to my blog today. I have definite answers. It isn't all about lists. More to come on that.

Donna said...

I don't know how I missed this post Lylah, but it is a great one...Bravo to you for speaking out...I never seem to have the courage to, yet I see so many "christian" women who fall into this category - their actions do not match their words! If we women would go back to the basics of God's call on our lives as wives and mothers - the world would be a better place! Thank you for reminding me - and I am SO enjoying the Power Prayers!