Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Ancient Ways

To all you single lady readers: don't get caught up in the cultural ways of romantic pursuit rather consider God's ancient ways.

Sometimes the way of culture can work, but I'd like to suggest to you - return to the ancient ways - which are always best.

When a girl wants to let a guy know that she likes him - it can be a hook.

One - it usually makes her feel even more insecure if he rejects her advance.

Second - if he's slightly interested in her - he could also become more interested in her than he really is - because guys liked to be liked.

If he's drawn to her because he likes being liked - he might not be drawn to her because he likes her.

So many women - and guys - fall in love with love rather than the person.

My suggestions then are to go back to your post :-) .....walk in confidence, walk as if you are so you will be - and be the beautiful responder that you are. These are the ancient ways and they work best.

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Donna said...

I left you a little blog award over on mine!

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Good advice, Lylah!

Lylah Ledner said...

HI Donna...thanks for the little blog sweet....I'll have to respond soon...getting resettled is a priority :-)