Friday, October 09, 2009

Explosive Creative Power! Light.

Lynn Mosher is a woman with God's heart toward women. Today's post is from her blog: Heading Home!

Explosive creative power! Light. Water. Firmament of heaven. Earth and planets. Nourishment. Wildlife.

And then…

God “formed the man out of the dust of the ground.” (Gen. 2:7 Masoretic Text) The Hebrew word used here for ‘formed’ is ‘yatsar,’ a potter’s term that means to squeeze into shape, mold into a form as a potter sculpting, individuals at conception, frame, and so on.

The word for ‘ground’ is ‘adamah,’ which also means soil as for building, husbandman, husbandry, and so on. It comes from the word ‘'adam,’ meaning to show blood in the face, turn rosy or flush, ruddy, reddened, and so on.

From this word comes another word ‘'adam,’ which is the word for man, mankind, human being, common sort, or of low degree.

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