Thursday, September 24, 2009

God's An 11th Hour, 59 Minute, 59 Second God - Often

I was born to want things right now, in my way and just how I like it and how I think it should be.

I have a story to tell you that I hope will encourage you (soon).

The main lesson I learned was that God is (often) an 11th hour, 59 minute and 59 second God.

My/our faith and trust in Him is so important that He does things NOT in my way, timing or how I think He should - but in what always seems as if the last minute.

Story to come. . . until then, I'd love to hear how you've seen God work in those "last minute" ways.

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Mary said...

I may be throwing a wrench into the stories (responses) you are seeking. At the last minute, when I listen to Him, and not listen to my own heart, I often see things with entirely different eyes. Then, what I thought I wanted or needed washes away.

Melissa said...

When my husband and I suffered a miscarriage in 2004, I was extremely hurt and vowed never to try to have a baby because God just wouldn't let me. I was angry. I was hurt. I set my eyes on a path I believe God has always had me on. I signed up to go on the mission field, and into my fourth year seven months of trying to have a baby God blessed my womb...little did the doctors know that He did. I was told I had a negative ultrasound and blood pregnancy test on May 31st. My first positive blood test and ultrasound was June 15th. June 15th, I was five weeks along. I knew God blessed me with this beautiful child I call Tien-Tien. Tien-Tien is worth every failed fertility cycles (all 38 of them), the suffering I endured over the loss of my pregnancy, and every tear cried. God showed me He could bless a person who already gave up. Tien was born January 19th, 2006 at 9:06 p.m. weighing in at 6 lbs 7.8ozs and 16" long. Tien was absolutely perfect and still is. God turned my barren womb into a place of healing. Through my pregnancy, I drew closer to God. I began living a life healthier than the one I lived before. I felt completely alive. (and still do!) Now I understand the true meaning of being given the blessing of a child to raise, nurture for His kingdom (not mine), and one thing I will forever carry with me is the hope God gave to me when I believed He was saying, "since you can't have children of your own, you need to go onto the mission field and love another's child as your own." I did this, believe you me, but God showed me mercy, grace and everlasting love beyond what I thought to be humanly possible. Even though I fight depression, I remember that God choose this little angel called Tien-Tien to come down into this world He made for all, and I am the lucky one God chose to be Tien-Tien's how could I ever give up knowing what a blessing I have been bestowed.

Lylah Ledner said...

Oh sweet Melissa.....thank you for sharing your tender story here......I trust it will be a hope, help and encouragement to other women.