Monday, August 17, 2009

The Joy of . . .

Just this morning Michael and I were enjoying our morning breakfast alfresco style in our garden. So sweetly he listened to my heart's passion for women to discover and to re-discover the joy of the ministry that flows from the kitchen.

It's not just about cooking. It's not just about feeding the family. It's more . . . .

It's about creating and discovering all the food that God's given us to richly enjoy. It's about becoming thankful and giving thanks. It's about turning a heart toward home and family. It's about one woman having the potential to influence the world and turn the tide back toward things good and wholesome. It's about turning God-ward in a godless culture.

Your thoughts?

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Chris and Megan Probasco said...

YEAH Lylah!!! Preach it sister! So will you write a book about this? Love you guys, meg, chris y leila

Lylah Ledner said... guys are awesome.....thanks...miss the B country...think about it often....I want some french caramels....

Cliff Girl said...

I also would add, it is for the nurture that a woman can provide to those who rinse, chop, stir and shred beside her.
Cooking alongside my kids has really enhanced my parenting!
Years ago, Dr. Raymond Moore spoke into my homeschooling. My day with the Moores )brought lots of good change and direction--one result was my kids began baking bread for our neighbors every Friday. They were so joyful and productive! Now, ten years later, we love and build on those memories.

Sarah said...


I'm constantly in the kitchen, and have my "little chef," my son, beside me! He loves helping and I think that not only will he be a good cook, but he'll recognize both the effort and the love that goes into making good food.

Friends are constantly saying, "You make that? And that?" (sort of like that Home Depot ad) when I say I'm making up a batch of yogurt, or mayonnaise, or even just homemade cookies for my little guy. But what they don't understand is not only how much less expensive it is to make some of these things, but how little time it actually takes and how much more nourishing it is for my family when I make it at home.

Just this morning my son and I made homemade whole wheat graham crackers. Cut them out with alphabet cookie cutters. I got to spend an hour with him, and we talked about the sounds certain letters make, asked him to find certain letters, plus got to make cookies! I can't even put my finger on how much he learned from that one hour with me. And he loved it!