Wednesday, July 15, 2009

To Slip or Not to Slip

Our first brand new piece of furniture was a large denim sofa, which I still have today. I think I ended up with the sofa because it was blue and I LOVE blue - not necessarily denim. Periodically, I've wondered what it'd be like or wondered how to actually attempt to make some slip covers for the sofa.

After reading Melissa's (from The Inspired Room) post about her basic Pottery Barn sofa with slip cover (and the deal she landed) on and then over at Cote de Texas Joni shares her passion and LOVE of slip covers . . . I got a bit excited and my thoughts went whirling thinking that maybe I just can make my own slip covers . . . in between cleaning up the garden and baking lemon tarts. Just pulled them good and hot out of the oven.

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