Saturday, April 04, 2009

One of God's Best

It's so good to honor good people and today, we're honoring a woman who I'd say is surely one of God's very best. She is my mother -in - law and we're celebrating her 80th birthday. Dorothy Ledner is a tiny, tireless saint who gives and serves and gives and serves. She models a a pretty simple and selfless life and if you need something she has then it becomes yours.

If there were a Mother Theresa Trophy to be won, she'd win it. One of the things I love about her is that she never fails in remembering a birthday or an anniversary of the 50 gazillion kids that are part of legacy she's got following her.

Quoted from the Ben Bell award:
"Even as she approaches 80, she shows no sign of slowing down," Bunting wrote in her nomination. "She has demonstrated the saying 'It is in giving we receive' in a way that I have not seen anywhere else."

Ledner, who will turn 80 next month, said she's always tried to be compassionate and caring, and credits a pivotal time in her life for helping her do so.

She was 34, raising six children age 10 and younger on Long Island, when her husband left. The moment could have broken many people, but Ledner looked around and realized how blessed she was to have such wonderful children — and she knew God would provide for her.

Happy Birthday Mom - Today I honor you and am proud I'm one of your daughters.

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