Monday, April 27, 2009

Blessed to Be a Blessing

Days of hardship, trials and unknown tomorrows are opportunities to do two things: trust God for provision and bless others with the little that you have. If we hold on to what we have, we just might loose it anyway - so why not start thinking about how you can bless others with what you have.

While Michael wrapped up his Sunday talk to the community of faith that we belong to, I did my morning trek out to the garden to survey the land, gather eggs and look heavenward toward the one that truly has blessed us with these baskets of bounty.

Then, the thought came: put some baskets together with ALL the eggs I had and gather the BEST looking chard and then pull up those nice looking beets. So, I did.

The next thought that came was to take three of the four fresh loaves of bread that I'd just baked Saturday night (mind you - this is a two day process for me - a joyful labor of love for my family) package it up in small portions and add it to the basket. I almost felt like that little boy in that Jesus story who brought his two loaves of bread and five fish that fed five thousand or so.

I got so excited to set my meager blessing baskets on a back table - just to bless others. If you think about it - we have been blessed to be a blessing and unless we get our attitude fixed, we'll miss out on the blessings of being a blessing.

Now, I'm a hunt for mini bread loaf pans to triple my weekly bread baking amount. Who know what'll happen with that blessing.

What can you do to be a blessing to someone else?

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Amy @ Finer Things said...

Blessing others is a surefire way to realize our own blessings.

Relishing Life said...

It is such a blessing to be able to bless others! We are all blessed in some way - it is nice to share that with others.