Tuesday, January 13, 2009


One of the Simple Home principles in creating sanctuary is to declutter, organize then decorate.

Every January (and every three months), you'll find me in a decluttering mode. I really love to reduce down, eliminate and then breathe.

I used to be more of a "stuff" person, but the older I get the more I value simplicity. Stuff makes my head shut down. The more "stuff" I have the more "stuff" I have to manage - because unmanaged stuff piles up and clouds right and good thinking.

Did you know that you're a steward? Did you know the Book says that God gives us all things - richly to enjoy. Did you know the Book also says that everything in the heavens and everything on the earth are His?

That means He owns it all and He gives us those things (that He owns) to enjoy and that means we're to steward them. For example - this beautiful earth - how have we (all beings) enjoyed it and how have we managed it? How have we squandered it's resources and how have we managed them well so the next generation can also enjoy?

We're to manage life here: resources, relationships and time. As a woman, I've been assigned the stewardship over my home. I'm to manage my margins, my relationships and my time.

What I'm wrestling through lately is this: how can I richly enjoy if I have too much stuff? Am I spending time managing my stuff and not doing that which is needful and of greater value?

I'm thinking that especially in our Western mind-set culture - stuff is often an idol. We're bombarded for the appeal of stuff. Our choices for stuff inundate us. We teach our children - by modeling - that we need stuff. We horde and gather to ourselves - stuff - because we think we need stuff.

The thought process goes like this: if I get this new "piece of stuff" I'll feel better about myself. It will fill this void in my soul that I need to fill.

We don't like what we have so we get other stuff. We're not content with what we've been so richly given so we go get another piece of stuff, because if I have "that" stuff I'll make me happy. It's almost like an addiction. Almost?

Since the fall, I've been facing my stuff, wading through my stuff and reckoning with the growth areas in my feminine soul that makes me "think" I need stuff.

If I have an unnecessary abundance of stuff that I will have to manage that and the more I spend time managing stuff, the less time I'll have for the important stuff - loving and caring for people.

What's your relationship with your stuff? Do you have stuff in your closet that another woman could really use? What stuff can you eliminate today by giving it away to someone in need? How about having a garage sale and donating the money from the stuff to a woman's shelter? How about finding a community of refugees in your city and donating your stuff to them - chances are they might have a need.

What's your plan for your excess stuff?

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DEANNA said...

Oh I am right there with you. I am in declutter mode right now. All my good usable stuff goes straight to goodwill. Bits and pieces of stuff no one wants or can use goes straight to the trash. It is taking forever since i have ot do it all when the kids are in school otherwise they can't bear to live without it!!!

Anonymous said...

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BarbaraLee said...

I am constantly going through things/stuff. W/growing children it is none stop. But I don't like clutter so if there is no meaning behind it it doesn't come in or stay.

It reflects on this whole housing problem. Everyone once this big house. What for? 2 kids and gone all the time. Doesn't make sense to me.

DEANNA said...

I just had to tell you... I started this today. 5 32 gallon bags full of stuff that is going going going. I am no where near done. Garbage and Goodwill. If I don't love it.. I'm leaving it. I just can not juggle this junk anymore and I don't want my kids holding on to meaningless junk either. I feel so good getting rid of things that just took up space.

I am solo parenting this weekend due to a family emergency in Cali. After Tom gets back how about we plan a day at a range???