Thursday, January 01, 2009

running with the new year - 2009

Already my new year has started off running. While researching for my Food Storage Notebook and printing off my food charts, I multi-tasked with a little Twittering - a great place to network, research, get info and meet people.

There was a conversation thread going this morning among some great women - it was something about 'training' and since this life is a Training Ground for the Next - I was curious.

Turns out that Karpo (Karla) is training for a marathon and PensieveRobin (Robin) was more than impressed.

After a bit of back and forth dialog (including me bragging on my daughter who is a runner and who ran up until the day Baby Roman was born - am I proud or what) and a few more gals jumping in to the commitment - the idea of a blog was mentioned and blog wiz Robin pumped this out in - uh 2 seconds flat - Running Wild - a blog for those of us runner wanna bees who want to commit to being held accountable to each other to start running and actually run.

All the details are yet to be posted, but I'm excited. Will join us - me in making 2009 your fit year yet? If you're a runner, a wanna be please join us for the fun of running the race! Go make a comment and make a commitment!

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robin ~ PENSIEVE said...

Ahhhhh!!! I'm still writing the post, lol, trying to get links linked! The site will need's evolving...I DIDN'T KNOW WE WERE GOING TO BE DOING THIS!

But isn't it a HOOT???

I'll need help...I've added you as an author/contributor (did you get that email yet).

Aren't you excited? Don't you think you CAN do "this" with the help of a few friends?

Man, sometimes the synergy of the interweb blows!my!mind!

Like now!

THRILLED to be doing this with you's the start of something wonderful...I can just FEEL it!


AZ Mom of Many Hats said...

Been nice getting to know you through twitter. It's great to network with people in the same area. Thanks for the running wild link. AZ Mom of Many Hats - Angie

Michele@Integrated Mother said...

I've really grown to love running. I ran before kids & marriage, then fell out of it until two years ago when my dad encouraged me to train for a 1/2 marathon, which I did in Jan. 08. I've been hooked on running ever since for not only the physical health benefits, but also for the little piece of quiet it gives me every day I go out.

beyondjems said...

Just jumped over from Running Wild. Nice to meet you! This is great! I feel inspired every day I run. It has brought me amazing connections on the web too! Like you. I published a google knol and write about running a bit in my blog, so I've had a lot of travel from that. Glad this is coming together!

Kimn said...

Hi Lylah, thanks for the link to Running Wild. I must confess, I'm enjoying jogging with WiiFit Miis onscreen, with beautiful scenery including a massive waterfall and dogs running by and sometimes a surprising trip nearby by a Mii character biting the dust. I suppose it's the only way to run right now with a foot of snow outside and subzero temps here in Iowa. Well, it warmed up today, to 20-something above zero. :o)