Sunday, December 07, 2008

3 money-saving quick tips

When I listen to the news and hear of all the job losses and stock drops, I'm even more on the look out to find those ways to reduce my family out go. This tip, from Whole Foods, caught my eye today.

1. Cook Up a Pot of Grains. Save time, money and the urge to eat out by making a big pot of rice, pasta or another grain. I just got a recipe from my friend, Glenda for a beans and grains recipe (I'll share in another post) using Anasazi beans (also called the Aztec bean and the Cave bean). Then it's quick and easy to broil or stirfry a little protein and lots of veggies to go along with it for subsequent meals.

2. Make Meat do Double Duty. A spice-rubbed pork tenderloin, for example makes great dinner one night then killer sandwiches the next. The same with roasting a turkey. This week I just made a great 17# bird and today I made turkey soup - which will feed my family for several meals. We've also had a gazillion turkey sandwiches from that tom. Always buy and cook extra meet and poultry so you have leftovers for burritos, soup and pasta, etc.

3. Keep Eggs on Hand. Dinner doesn't have to be elaborate to be satisfying. Whip up an omelet, frittata or quiche for dinner. You can keep bits of cheese and veggies from going to waste, and eggs are a great source of high-quality protein.

What are your money saving tips?

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Youthful One said...

I'm up too late to put too much thought into my comment, unfortunately.

However, the pot of grains suggestion reminds me of a pot of beans. I often soak & cook a bag of beans (black, white, kidney - doesn't matter) just to have on hand. I'll use them in whatever soup or chili or casserole that day and freeze the rest.

For me it's not just about penny-pinching, but time-pinching as well. I love having things mostly done and in the freezer ready to use. :)

BTW- I'm eagerly looking forward to your simple Mexican quiche recipe. YUM!